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Why do narcissists stare at you? The Narcissist's Stare

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The Narcissistic Stare: Painful, Predatory and Piercing

Why do narcissists stare at you? The painful, predatory and piercing stare of the narcissist begins during the love bombing phase - and at first, it feels sexual, exciting, intense (in a good way).

If a person of the opposite sex looks at you this way, you may take it as sexual interest (and it could be), but you've got to watch very carefully!

See, NOT blinking is a sign you're dealing with someone who's not quote right - and this could mean they are sizing you up as prey.

If you're familiar with how this story ends, you know that it turns from an exciting thing to a "dead on the inside" kinda thing relatively quickly: the predatory, dead, cold eyes of the narcissist almost feel like weapons.

Just remember, if someone's stare makes you squirm or gives you the feeling that something is wrong, get away - and fast!

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