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1st rap:
growing up parents got me a guitar
said you can do anything kid you can go far
you can be the president fireman race cars
the sky's the limit kid so shoot for the stars

so I strummed that guitar every day
found a passion for music never went away
I joined a couple bands and played a few shows
tried to impress the girl in the front row

but soon enough everything starts to change
as you grow up nobody treats you the same
they try take ur future and make it real safe
you could be a doctor accountant or something sane
but yo
what ever happened to the sky was the limit?
I fell in love with music never thought it was a gimmick
I worked so hard on every tune and every single lyric
my whole identity dependent on being artistic

now you want to strip that away?
so you feel ok?
cuz if I make it to the top what does that really say?
that you shouldn't have given up, that you made the mistake
but if I fail you feel much better bout pickin your lane right

yea things are gunna get better real soon
yea Ima just do me you just do you
I swear it's gunna get better real soon
don't let anyone tell u what you should do

I got a clear view
we're gunna make it soon
just keep pushing through
yea what you got to lose?
yea what you got to lose?
yea what you got to lose?
just keep pushing through
cuz what you got to lose?

I won't give up
I wont back down
till I'm lying 6 feet underneath the deep ground
I won't give up
I won't back down
cuz nobody's stopping me except for me now

2nd rap:
and let's be honest life's a competition
so if I'm going to play then Im gon play to win it
I refuse to sit and rot at a desk all day
unless I have a passion I'm working towards ok

id rather be dead on the outside than inside
a bullet to the head than 25 to life
in a cubicle alone just trying get by
building someone else's dream instead of building mine

if you're hearin me this is meant to inspire
if you have a dream or if u have desires
a girl in your life thats makin u feel that fire
go fight for her man go die for her man

cuz you only have one life one chance to do it
one chance to prove it to yourself so don't lose it
you got this fam just keep pushing on through it
one day you'll look back so glad you pursued it

2nd pre:
you ain't gon stop me now
because I got this now
i got the formula and I'm about to drop it loud
so what we talking bout
there is no talkin now
we take action with passion
we're rockin now

it's tick tockin now
the clocks tockin down
and all I hear is haters try so hard to talk me down
but they can’t stop the sound
already on the ground
everything is growing faster than I can count

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