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🔈 🎧 Out Today! Raja Ram’s Stash Bag Vol. 6 - TIP Records
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"Everyone needs a good stash, and when you have a good one, the pleasure of sharing it feels extra good.
Well here is Stash Bag Number 6…..a collection of hand picked beauties, from the Angels magic garden....these are not just tracks…..or tunes…but statements about life, love and the universe...these tracks are portals into new unfathomable dimensions, bizarre multiverses, where normal is illegal, and one is carried on a tapestry...of sound and colour…..thru strange dimensions...one is propelled by a maelstrom and tsunami of emotions, and the urge to curl your toes in delight...put on your nightgown, take a deep breath...and press play.
Special Thanks to Lucas for all his help putting this together.....and Si H..and Brahma...and Guille..and all the others…..
It's very much a team effort....and we hope you have fun listening to it….."

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