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12 Amazing Facts about Guns - Facts for Kids | Educational Videos by Mocomi

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https://mocomi.com/ presents: Gun Facts for Kids

Gunpowder was invented by the Chinese in the 9th century.

The first gun was made in 1000 AD in China.

It was made up of bamboo and used gunpowder to fire a spear.

The earliest surviving firearm has been found from Otepaa, Estonia and it dates to at least 1396.

In the late 14th century, smaller and portable hand-held cannons were developed, creating in effect the first smooth-bore personal firearm.

During the early modern age, these hand-held cannons evolved into the flintlock rifle, then the breech loader and finally the automatic weapon.

The shooter poured loose powder down the barrel. A lead ball projectile is then seated on top of the powder charge by means of a ramrod.

This was later transformed into basic features of the gun: a barrel made of metal, high-nitrate gunpowder, and a projectile which occludes the muzzle so that the powder charge exerts its full potential in propellant effect.

The high-pressure gas is generated by combustion, usually by lighting the gunpowder. This makes the bullet shoot from the barrel at a very high speed.

A repeating firearm is a firearm which can be fired more than once between chargings and holds more than one cartridge.

A revolver has a rotating cylinder which holds a fixed number of cartridges; the cylinder "revolves" to align each chamber with the rear of the barrel.

The Gatling gun is the first successful rapid firearm used during the American Civil war in the 1860s. It was operated by a hand crank with multiple rotating barrels.

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