Muiracati-ah-what Top? 2007 Gibson Les Paul Smartwood Studio Review and Demo

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I've always liked the smartwood series of guitars. While, yes, some look better than others, I'm confused why Gibson only offers 'sustainable' wood on a limited run of guitars and doesn't release them on regular line up Les Paul and other flagship models. Why use baked maple with Preciosa looks so chocolatey smooth like rosewood? There is nothing wrong with baked maple, but the sound of that turns many potential buyer's off. Perhaps there is a better alternative for richlite / ebony as well.

This particular smart wood series studio was part of the Muiracatiara top, Preciosa fretboard run. Muiracatiara is also know as Muir for short or even Tiger Wood (not Tiger Woods haha.) Preciosa is spanish for 'precious.'

I've always found the truss rod cover on these guitars to be very cool looking - but I didn't know they were made of a rubber like material. It feels like a gel sticker that Lisa Frank Company would make. You can bend this truss rod cover without it breaking!

I definitely suggest trying out a Smartwood Studio if you ever see one!

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Audio Interface - Roland Duo Capture EX -
Headphones: Focal Spirit Professional -
Camera: Panasonic Lumix GH-4:
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Lense: Olympus M. Zuiko 35mm 1:1,8 :
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Computer: Mac Pro 2013 -
Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X -
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