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Alfred sharing a little info about the new DOSH app.

Get the DOSH automatic cash back app by clicking on the link below:

It doesn't cost you or the person that you are referring anything but you actually receive money.
How's you may ask?
Instead of paying other companies and services to advertise and Market their product/service/app they pay/reward/invest that money directly to the people that will be using it anyway.

It's more less direct advertising/marketing.

DOSH usually rewards you with$5 when you refer someone and they connect a debit or credit card but on occasion DOSH runs promotions giving double and even triple the referral reward dollars $$$.

Even if you don't take advantage of the cash back through the app you can earn referral reward money just by sharing your link with other people.

Check out Dosh - the new app that pays you to book hotels, shop, and eat. Download it now and get $5 for linking a card, plus $10 for referring friends.


What is it?
It's the DOSH app that gives you cash back automatically.

You download the app to your smartphone or device.

After you download and install it into your phone/device it will prompt you to add/connect a credit or debit card.

*****You are Not making a purchase when you do this therefore your credit card will not be charged. This is a Listing NOT a Charging of your credit card.*****

After you connect your card into the app, DOSH will reward you with a $5 credit that can be transferred directly from your DOSH account to your bank account after you have accrued a minimum of $20 in Dosh credit.

You accrue Dosh credit by receiving referral reward monies or by the actual cash back when you pay for your purchase using the particular card(s) you added in the app at participating businesses and online.

You eat at Denny's and pay for your purchase using a credit card that is added in the Dosh app. Because Denny's is a participating restaurant giving 7% cash back at that time, without any type of paperwork on your end you will receive 7% cash back-credit in your Dosh app because you purchased at a participating business - Using a card listed in the app to pay for the purchase.

The app functions similarly to when you use a credit card that you can get travel miles when you use it to pay for purchases at participating businesses.

As a matter of fact it would be advantageous to position yourself to receive double the benefits by adding that type of credit card into the dosh app so that receives Both Points and DOSH credit.

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