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Now available, new albums of music created entirely with differents synthesizer, MIDI controller, sound modules, studio processors, VSTi, etc., using native found sounds to create melodic instruments, drones and soundscapes.
Solo (CD1) full album at:
Full albums Standard Hi-Resolution 44.1kHz / 16-bit
SuperPrice from US$1.99
Most of these tracks were featured in past YouTube videos. I'm making these available to help fund the continuation and development of my music.
I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for your support and comments.
Vicherval Music Project

About Solo (CD1) album:
a type of music, often without a tune or beat, that is intended to make people relax or create a particular mood
You may have a variety of musical influences, but describing your music genre as “eclectic” can give the impression that you are unable to define your own music.... It may be true that you have a variety of music influences and inspirations, but be specific... this is a journey into sound...

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