Fellow Robot Tools of War (Official Music Video)

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Directed and Edited by Michelle Prebich
Production Design and Animation by Justine Prebich
Compositing by Benjamin Lin
Written by Fellow Robot
Produced by Anthony Pedroza and Luis Renteria
Recorded at Ant Honey Studio in Corona, Ca by Anthony Pedroza
Recorded and Mixed by Luis Renteria at BF Studios Long Beach, CA
Mastered by Brian Frederick at Hybrid Studios in Santa Ana, CA

Tools of War was written for the children of Aleppo, Syria.

Another strike happened overnight
One hundred lives of children who were born to die
Do you read the paper in a suit and tie?
pissing your espresso while your wifi dies
feeding T.V. frenzy and the robot lies
Tweeting in a panic while Aleppo cries
We have lost the plot and don't know who is who
Yesterday our neighbors bombed our children's schools
Now the tools of war are ready

Hold your breath under rubble
I found your mom
But you don't want to look that way my son
You do what you can and watch the world glitch by
Hacking humble charities the press comply
Fleeing from the government and ISIS ties
there is nothing left to leave behind
we have lost the codes and all the passwords too
yesterday my son was on you cellphones

Now the tools of war are ready.

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