Hans Zimmer Regarding Henry Original Soundtrack - Track 03

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Track 03 - Blowfish

1. Walkin' Talkin' Man
2. A Cold Day In NY
3. Blowfish
4. Ritz
5. Henry Vs. Henry
6. Ritz Part II
7. I Don't Like Eggs
8. Gotta Get Me Some Of That
9. Central Park, 6pm
10. Buddy Grooves

Another side to Hans Zimmer. Amongst all the Gladiators, Crimson Tides, Batmans is this early gem, and for me one of his best. Sounds like he had alot of fun making this one.

For all those Hans Zimmer fans out there, this one's for you. I love this soundtrack and I am lucky enough to have an original copy, so I thought I'd share it with you. I haven't stopped listening to this since I bought it back in the 90s. My absolute favourite soundtrack of Hans. Enjoy!

Copyright Disclaimer. I DO NOT own and DO NOT claim to own the rights to this [Regarding Henry] soundtrack. If the copyright owner/s of this soundtrack wish me to remove it from Youtube please contact me and I will do so respectfully. Thank you.

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