01. Terminator: Future Shock - Main Theme (OST rev. 2)

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MIDI-to-WAV project revision 2 of PC game Terminator: Future Shock (1995)
Tracks: 9
Source: WAV, lossless, 16-bit, 44,1 KHz
Youtube: AAC, 512 kb/s, 16-bit, 48 KHz

Hi guys, sorry for long pause, real life fallen down on my head :) Cheers to my new subscribers and big thx to my old ones, that you stayed on my channel!

My older soundtrack videos are rendered mostly with pictures and because now I'll continue re-creating MIDI music with better fidelity (I hope) so I want to have also nice looking videos. l'm not video editor guru, so my experience is almost nada-ish, but I tried hard and created something new for you. It is not perfect, but I spent 6 hours to put that fonts and effects together :) Another news, no more whole soundtracks, video tracks will be uploaded one after one and all added to soundtrack album playlist. I know some of you complained about whole album in one video, well, now good for you right ? Anyway I must do so not for convencience (i rather like whole albums in 1 video), but because video encode of one song take a hour or little less :(

Now, YT recommends sample rate at 48 or 96 kHZ, so I resampled for YT compatibility, d'oh, i hate resampling!
Audio true peak is around -3dB so it can sounds quieter than other YT music, or my older audio stuff, but without distortion, clipping!
Dynamic range value (DR) is mostly 13.

Link to my first release to compare: https://youtu.be/DvoTYsfqpIw

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