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Social Club Misfits - Believe
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Do you still believe
In what you cannot see
I know God is watching ... me
But it’s kinda hard to see

I’m done with the overthinking
If it don’t happen, ima be just fine
Yea this is not a covert mission
No I’m not gon hide who I am anymore
God can You tell me what You doing
I’m surprised, I’m not gonna lie
I thought I had it figured out when I wrote everytime
I needed rings for my team, you told me hold this L
I tried to blame it on the devil and tried to blame myself
You probably laughing up at heaven
I was telling God to take the wheel but giving Him directions
Now I’m outta luck, should of never questioned His protection 
And I had to duck, dodging all these pitfalls was a blessing
Wow I just gonna trust You in the process
Wow all that fortune cookie help is nonsense
Wow I don’t need your advice in my comments
Wow this no fairy tale this a God flex
I was giving out advice that I needed myself
Suffering by myself in silence I was scared to tell you
After all we’ve gone through together still have some questions
Sometimes the storms are hard to weather, You have my attention
I believe You when it’s dark, and I can’t see a thing
Guide me through the rain and put a song inside my heart to sing
I trust You with the inner parts that only You would know
One hundred billion failures disappear, it feels so beautiful
I know You have a purpose for it all
Mountain top or mountain in the way I’ll praise You through it all
There was another in the fire so they couldn’t burn me
And I was guilty of it all, You rearranged my journey
Covered me in Your faithfulness so nothing can hurt me
And when something isn’t right the Spirit alerts me
I believe like it’s my only option
Still never seen Your face, but that doesn’t stop it

Jesus, You know all the nights that I cried
And fell apart on the inside
And wondered if I believe
Somehow You listened to all my questions
Remind me that it will work out
As long as I believe I believe I believe
I believe
I believe

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