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EC - No Pressure


Down but never out when it’s crunchtime I be calm cool collected

Blessings falling in my lap I praise em in advance and stack em like it’s Tetris

The bars never left I been I had em back back when I was living reckless

I said I’d drop a mixtape Im proud to say that I can mark it off the checklist

Cross hanging from da necklace

Been turning L’s into lessons

I read the Bible wit my breakfast

I’m comfy when I’m in His presence

Devil working OT

He tryna get me wit Deception

No weapon formed shall prosper but that doesn’t mean he ain’t forming the weapons

That being said Nobodies safe

We really don’t have time to waste

God got me in brilliant shape

I real thank God for His grace

My soul was in need to be saved

And Jesus came thru wit the cape

I had to see that He was good

I must say I’m loving the taste

Shoutout to Mad that’s the homie

Shoutout Jay that’s my bro bro

Shoutout Cec shout out Mo Mo

On my high horse like the Polo

Lotta people led astray

But condemnation is a no no

Won’t let him perish in they sin if it’s the last thing I do

Oh no

He made a promise to me

and He ain’t man that He should lie

He gives commands to me and I comply

No pressure on me but still I apply

Talking down on me and got no reply

I just slide em real smoove like I’m doing the cha cha

I started loving myself and now every verse that I be spitting is cah cah (ew)

Big dawg I know they know

So tell me why would I lay low?

When He calls ion say no

I’m Down 4 Life like Fabo

Went from horns to a halo

Now that’s what you call a glow up

Got the Bible on deck

Case the devil wanna show up

(Talk yo talk EC)

I had to switch up the game plan

That blood done made me a changed man


If you gon judge me then please take the log out ya eye

Cause you know you guilty of something

Please tell me where is the lie


Pull up I’m makin a scene

I cook like I’m bakin the bean

Everything that I do from this day forward is all for the sake of the King

Who knew this gift that I’m giving back to him would heal me and leave me in peace

It’s no wonder I do this wit ease

Holy holy holy God gon let His will be done

Living like it’s us against the world until His kingdom come

Told em gon and use me

You can count on me to come thru clutch

This ones for the church I got it jumping like it’s Double Dutch aye

Aint no pressure on me I know this was meant to be

This is ministry


This is ministry


I came out the trenches wit this one it’s time to do what He told me to do all along

I’m puttin on cause He put me on

It’s for His glory to till he calls me home

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