Eagles - Canon [Official Video]

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Eagles - Canon
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Get Canon's "Eagles"
Itunes: http://apple.co/2kfukEY
Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2el59CW
Amazon: http://amzn.to/29lZOUk
Google Play: http://bit.ly/29n3ZzP

If you want to see the world for what it truly is, you have to rise above it. To truly make a change, you have to change your perspective. Canon explores this in his newest single.

If you want to see the world for what it really is, you have to get above it, you must fly like the Eagles, fly way above the Eagles to see how the world really is.


Contemplating how we're gonna make it, through the night. I'm weak and I ain't gotta fake it in my life. Oh lord you know we need you, since you gave me power for my people send me way above the Eagles.

Send me way above the Eagles
Send me way above the Eagles
Send me way up, send me way up
Send me way above the eagle

I gotta go fly away, I gotta go fly away,
I gotta go fly away, send me way above the Eagles.
Send me way up, send me way up,
send me way up, send me way above the Eagles.

1st Verse:

I'm an overcomer reaching high above em I'm like Danny glover shooting high above em, come through doot doot doot doot snapping all up on em, it's a lethal weapon that's a dragon on me, i'm just here to fly above the stat quo I don't pledge allegiance to the mass, no, if your freedom in God let your flag show man I've been reaching forward, let the past go, going back? no!

How could they tell us to stand for something when they want us to play the victim it's a broken system we can't make a living if the money in our pockets got their hands up in them l, wasn't planned for us to win this, it wasn't in the plan to finish,  put them in Hella ghettos man I get it , them pies they selling weren't meant for purchase from people group,  oh I know I get it!
If you really want to get above the average you gotta get to reading that's real talk, and your mind is conditioned to take with they'd give you, don't question what's been taught.
Why you think Frederick Douglass was looked it like dang it he's real smart? I'm breaking them chains of ignorance time to stop em, I get real heart.

I'm light in the real dark, you've been shot by the devil he's clever a real shark, he plays with a real part aint no sleepin only weeping for you so stand guard, this weapon It can charge, the word is all I got, no jamming,  it Rams hard, with allegiance we stand large, with a shot so big it ain't nothing you can guard.


2nd Verse:

I do this, one time for my Squinaaad. Two times for my hittas, I grind hard on my jinob, I ain't got time for no quitters.
I ain't in this cause it sounds good I've been in this since my childhood, I'm just doing what the wild should, fit in my position just like the crown would.
Been with lions in the jungle, skip the running we can rumble. Feel the weight or feel the muscle though fixing systematic struggles this oppression gotta crumble up.

No discussion when I come in Chopping like an AK47 chugging ain't no Smith and Wesson just the old and new, the testimonies got me walking like a holy matrimony, yeah I put up what they put up on me, ooh I'm confident, you see the strap up on me, back up back up homie back up I ain't stressing while we counting blessings we just riding with the homies ugh!

I been riding like an Eagle feeling unbelievable I got the juice when I come to this. I got the power like I'm superman, energy from the son, I'm King Kong, you a son to me.
And that's what I told life, depression the pain and the struggle to fight, I focused on gain to gain life I'm only stronger when I'm standing up righteous.


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