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NYPD Chokehold Video Victim, Alix Tichelman & Utah Mom Killer

NYPD chokehold victim Eric Garner was killed by police and it was all caught on video. We look at the video and discuss police brutality, plus the connections of Alix Tichelman with a second heroin death (including the 911 call), and Megan Huntsman who murdered her babies in Utah are all reviewed with former prosecutor Loni Coombs on this episode of Crime Time.

Loni Coombs attended Brigham Young University, graduating at the age of nineteen with a bachelor's degree in psychology and minors in philosophy and music. In 1988, after graduating from Pepperdine Law School, Loni began her legal career as a criminal trial prosecutor for the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office. Her numerous felony trials ranged from murders to sex crimes and DUIs. From 2003 to 2005, Loni headed up the District Attorney's Hate Crimes Unit, monitoring discrimination cases throughout the county and training law enforcement agencies.

Crime Time Full Episodes Playlist:
Crime Time Shorts Playlist:

00:01 Welcome to Crime Time
01:00 Introducing Loni Coombs.
01:20 Heroin hooker Alix Tichelman intent to kill, and connection with second death in 911 call.
09:50 NYPD officers choke Staten Island man Eric Garner to death w/ video.
20:00 Megan Huntsman, Utah mom accused of killing six newborns.
24:50 Sexual abuse at Marlborough School in L.A.
31:10 Thanks and goodbye.

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