The Poll That Counts 2007

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This video is an HD compilation of the series The Poll That Counts. Election Day, Canberra, Australia 2007. It includes:

Around the Booths: A Tour of polling places around Canberra

Tallyroom Tension: Scenes from the National tallyroom

Howard Made History: Liberal Prime Minister John Howard loses his own seat in parliament to Labor's Maxine McKew

The Chaser v. Bill Heffernan: Liberal Senator Bill Heffernan and the Chaser's Craig Reucassel spar after John Howard's government is defeated in the Australian election 2007.

Howard's Last Innings - Tallyroom Spectators: Howard makes his concession speech after losing both the general election and his own seat of Bennelong. People in the National tallyroom in Canberra watch, triumphant or defeated. Like his cricketing idol, Don Bradman, Howard makes a duck in his last innings. In fact by losing his seat it's probably a golden pair.

Kevin Rennie

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