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#darbarfestival | Irshad Khan’s sitar navigates the early afternoon Raag Shudh Sarang, said to evoke different forms of sringara [attraction, romantic love].
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Irshad Khan hails from the illustrious Etawah (‘Imdadkhani’) gharana alongside greats such as Shahid Parvez, Vilayat Khan, and Imrat Khan (Irshad’s father). His ancestors gave shape to the modern sitar, customising the design and mastering gayaki ang (singing style). Today he lives in Canada, playing and teaching sitar and surbahar around the world. Listen to more of Irshad here:
-Darbari (Jor & Jhalla) |
-Shudh Sarang |
-In Conversation |

Shudh Sarang is a popular early afternoon raga from the Sarang family, a group of ragas often said to evoke different forms of sringara [attraction, romantic love]. It draws on Kalyan thaat, but omits Ga and takes both a tivra [raised] and a shuddha [natural] Ma in avroh [descent]. Re is the vadi [king note]. Hear more superb performances of Shudh Sarang here:
-Debashish Bhattacharya (chaturangi) |
-Kaushiki Chakraborty (vocal) |

Recorded for Darbar on 20 Sep 2015, at London’s Southbank Centre
-Irshad Khan (sitar)
-Shahbaz Hussain (tabla)

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