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Who am I by Drapht

Sorry i couldn't find the video clip.

Lyrics -

Who am I? An Aussie battler, man that manufactures
Plans to fracture, can't handle or stand my stature
My raps saturate, every batch I make is packed with hate
An act of fate, once I'm round the corner I've been trapped in rain
Scrap the page now I've got to start from scratch again
The wack catch a break, I'm sick of sayin congrats to them
I lax it in, catch a pen, gettin straight to work
Take the first steps, redirect the hex and break the curse
Shake the nerves, makin words, I bear it all for this
Can't call it quits, standin way too tall to miss
Paul is this, who am I? A phantom watchin down
Struck a random till I'm handed all these knuckled frowns
Stop these clowns claimin king, bring you back to planet Earth
I stand firm from the day this planet merged from Perth
A learnin curve from the birth of this
Try to take me down but swerve and miss, motherfucker

Who am I? A slave to the beat and its rhythm
Who am I? I'm ashamed of this world that we live in
Who am I? I'm a threat, I'm the voice in your head
The one telling you to jump off the ledge motherfucker
Who am I? I'm the man from the land down under
Who am I? I'm the rain, I'm the sun, I'm the thunder
Who am I? I'm the hope that elopes through your speaker
Runnin as the wolf pack leader motherfucker, who am I?

I'm carin about one fan base in sunburnt landscape
Plan A is summed up with one word, rampage
Man-made disaster, no bandaid or plaster
Is big enough to cover up this blood, sweat, I'd rather
The heartfelt saga, targets an audience, my marker
B-Boys or girls that are as horny as Drapht
But I'm warnin that I'm born in this to shout out
Be burnin them then I'm servin the corniest on our planet
My anatomy's had a beating, I'm feeding off heads
Like Hannibal but never leavin em dead, plant my CD/see-d instead
Believe in the right season it will grow
For now I'm happy standin back and letting nobody know
Who I am, remaining to stand as the ghost in the backdrop
Won't ever abandon my pose for a snapshot
Or hope for the jackpot to carry me
I'd rather crack the luckier mentality man so...

What makes your tick climb makes me sick to the stomach
Amateur dicks pull out cause they know that DR's coming
Its certified, no spermicide can stop me
Fertilisin a lot while only a third of the eyes watch me
Measure dying monopoly, building another level
Diversifying it properly, rule and run with the rebels
I never settle for second
We be goin off quicker than the metal detection at Al Qaeda's mosque
You lost in translation, costing you to listen
To what this man's facin, offer you the vision
Just once and it will never be repeated again
I stay conceited from the greed and all the trends motherfucker

Who am I? Paul Ridge to the death
Who am I? D-rapht to the death
Who am I? S-B-X to the death
And I'm gonna represent till there's nothin of me left
Who am I? AM crew to the death
Who am I? War crew to the death
Who am I? WA to the death
And I'm gonna represent till there's nothin of me left

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