Hielo Ardiente - El Mensaje ( The Message ) [Ximeno] Latin Soul Funk 45

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Hielo Ardiente - El Mensaje ( The Message )
Ximeno Records # X-03. Released in 2013.
Great latin soul funk from El Salvador band Hielo Ardiente. "El Mensaje" is a rework of Cymande's classic "The Message" - done here with very wild keyboard work that soars up and down the scale - more spacey/moogy than the organ in the original, but with an equally funky feel! Originally it was LP only track, released on the "Hielo Ardiente - Ritmo Ardiente" album in 1974. Ximeno Records reissued it on the limited edition 45 (300 copies) in 2013 and it sold out long ago. Vinyl rip from my 45's record collection.

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