Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 - All Champion Battles (Single)

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Hi! I hope you apreciate that one! Enjoy! ;)
QOTD►What is your Hardest champion to beat in this tournament?
For me it's Red, Steven, Cynthia and Blue! Also a surprise await you if you look until the end of the video.

Champion Blue : 00:00
Champion Lance : 03:12
Legend Red : 06:17
Champion Steven : 09:21
Champion Wallace : 13:00
Champion Cynthia : 15:05
Champion Alder : 17:57
Trainer Steven (Music edited)* : 20:58

*Since Wallace is actually represented as champion class at the world tournament, that would mean that steven retired the league and become a simple trainer. In Pokemon Emerald, Steven got the Rival theme and not the champion theme so, at the tribute in Emerald, I'ved decided to make and edit the champion theme to make it as we challenge him in Emerald with his rival theme music. The rival music is actually really implemented in the game. I've got a ton of things and project but I need to finish all the Pokemon game first to make these project/dream come true.

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Pokémon Compilation: All Champion Battles (High Quality) [2018]
Pokemon World Tournament - All Champion Battles
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