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Neodymium Magnet Vs. Hydraulic Press with Ferrofluid!

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Watch as the awesome effects of ferrofluid are displayed when a strong neodymium magnet (N42) is brought near. Also, learn about why ferrofluid makes spikes due to the normal-field instability. Then learn how to make a neat ferrofluid motion lamp by mixing ferrofluid with rubbing alcohol. Finally, all of these neat effects are combined in a hydraulic press. As the press comes closer with the neodymium magnet attached, the ferrofluid jumps up and covers the magnet. Watch the ferrofluid go flying as the press attempts to crush the neodymium magnet. However, in the end the press does not crush the magnet. Once the magnet is coated with ferrfluid, it displays an interesting low-friction effect shown by spinning the magnet on a flat surface. It is very difficult to remove the ferrofluid from the magnet once it is on it. When pressing on the fluid on the magnet there is a slight resistance to it. It almost feels like the ferrofluid on the magnet is organic in a way.

In another attempt to crush a smaller neodymium magnet, it only dents the steel plate. Finally, a ceramic magnet is crushed to appease the magnet crushing cravings of the audience.

Once the ceramic magnet is crushed, I build a small magnet-dust snowman with what is left over.

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