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Danny Scrilla - VV Cephei

Download & Stream:
Official stream from Cosmic Bridge Records. Distributed by Kudos Records.
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Album: Flash Powder [EP]
Track: 2 of 4
Title: VV Cephei
Artist: Danny Scrilla
Label: Cosmic Bridge Records
Cat#: CBR006
Formats: Digital
Digital Release: 16th July 2012
Physical Release: 21st July 2014

About This Release:

Our 2nd release in July will be yet another 4-track heater from Munich’s very own Danny Scrilla. Scrilla, like a lot of producer/beat makers at present, is reticent to being categorised. This solo release was heavily influenced by his early work with Reggae and Dancehall sound system “Rise and Shine”, which can clearly be heard in the mix. Aside from the clash culture approach, Danny uses adjectives such as “Dark, Moody, Energetic” to describe his sound, apt terms which are as close to classification as we need at this time.

Flash Powder opens with the Wrongspeed techno influenced slowstepping opener “X” sounding something like Gesaffelstein at 33rpm, and moves into the one-drop sidestick snap and square wave bass throbs on “VV Cephei”. The B side opener “Street Sound” takes it to the dance hall with MIDI horns and dub delays and closes with the off-beat head nodding bassline injected “Hunch”, a collaboration with label boss Om Unit. This is an EP for DJ’s who like to move people but also keep the eyes-down spirit which is all-to lacking in the miasma of cross-genre dance music of the current time. This record will appeal to fans of Instrumental Hiphop, Dancehall and left-field techno. Once again, genre-wise it’s up to you, just don’t go crazy..

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