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I Suppose- "Backstabbing Love" (Official Music Video)

INSTAGRAM: isuppose818

Artist: I Suppose
Song: Backstabbing Love

Produced By: J1K

Directed By: Eyekon Fotography

Wardrobe By:


"Look at me, Im in love"

Verse 1:
"I was seventeen when I first thought I was in love,
addicted to her hugs, like an addict to his drugs.
I remember getting high off her kisses at night,
It's like I was living in darkness but she showed me the light.
Life was good but it went to hell when we started to fight,
I didn't wanna take advice, I wanted to take my life.
Once I tried to jump out of my momma's car while she was driving,
doing drugs, talking to God, like how am I surviving?
Addicted to the drugs that the streets were prescribing,
Now im back in my dark world, afraid to let the light in.
Drugs and pipes, random sluts every night,
I saw no love cause my heart had a blind man's sight.
Momma stuck inside a church praying to God for my life,
A few months passed, then I met my future wife.
The girl of my dreams, love of my life, my best friend,
The same girl who left me and I never seen again.
Til about a year later, when I seen her with another man,
pregnant with a baby, while Im stuck alone without a plan.
Kinda depressed, so I built some walls around me,
then I cuddled in my corner, til the next girl found me.
How can I trust myself if my inner self doubts me,
It's hard to spot the sun, when the skies are always cloudy,
So she left without me, now im back at square one,
both eyes open staring at the barrel of my gun."

Hook: "Look at me, Im in love" x4

Verse 2:
"I had a fuckin sickness, and felt like sex was my medicine,
no more girlfriends, just fine friends with benefits.
Got drunk, did drugs, and fucked them for the hell of it,
even when they were heaven sent, I made them act devilish.
Turned angels to demons, spent my nights feeling lonely,
laying on my bed, wishing somebody would come and hold me,
And tell me that they love me, and other nice things,
looking at my finger, picturing it with a ring.
It's like im living in a dream, and I ain't trying to wake up,
Im happy, but sometimes I miss being in love.
Having that person you can hug, kick back and watch a movie with,
Im tired of hood rats, Im tired of all this groupie shit.
Last week I kicked it with some chick and I was interested,
she said she loves the way I think, we kissed and got intimate.
She went to the bathroom, so I went on Facebook for a little bit,
and her status said, OMG guess who Im chillin with?
Then she asked me for a picture and a poster,
so I signed it sorry baby, I like you but it's over.
No one to talk to, women just want the fame,
and they think Im famous cause a couple kids know my name.
But you don't know my pain, and go tell love that I miss her,
and tell her that Im sorry for all the times that I dissed her.
And that I wish her the best, in case I never see her again,
cause love was nothing but a backstabbing friend."

Hook: "Look at me, Im in love" x8


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