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IMS Bucket Test with Pelletized Dolomitic Limestone

It seems that the torque of the 16HP gas engine which runs the spreader on the bucket, twists the lines until the bucket empties, ruining each set of cables we put on this thing. The pilot had to hover for 5 minutes the other day while someone spun the bucket to unwind the cables after just one hydro-seeding run. They counted 96 turns before the lines were free of each other. Anyone have any good ideas for this? We've tried mounting it backwards with no change in behavior other that the bucket not hanging completely level. The hook cannot be allowed to rotate because the power/control cable would become disconnected after only a few revolutions. Maybe a spreader bar between the lines would work. We'll probably try that next.
Update: Spreader bar didn't work very well. We installed a hook from Onboard Systems with internal slip rings that allows the electrical controls to be routed through the hook so it can spin freely with no interruption in valve control. And we replaced the cables with a single nylon cable system. With bigger wings on the sides, it finally works beautifully.

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