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CULTURE - Riverside (Trust Me)

Written,arranged and produced by Joseph "Culture" Hill.
Lead vocals by Joseph Hill
Vocals by Albert Walker

Played by Dub Mystic.
Dexter Valmond - Bass
Dean Pond - Bass
Noel Ricky Richardson - Guitar
Aikens - Keyboards
Chris Whitley - Keyboards

Additional Musician:
Dean Pond - Percussion

Also featuring:
Dean Fraser - Sax
David Madden - Trumpet

Recorded at Mixing Lab,Kingston,Jamaica.
Engineered by Fathead & Carrot

Mixed at Lion & Fox Studio by Jim Fox.

Tafari Music / Ascap - 1997

Where is the love to be found, oh People? Nowhere around
For I woke on Saturday morning
Feeling sticky and dirty after work
Took a walk down a Riverside
I roll a little spliff
Sat down a stone and start to cool off
With my burden down the Riverside
For I check around the youth
And I try to teach the truth

Lay their burden on the Riverside
I walk through every corner
Try to find someone to talk to but I have to
For I walk and I talk
And I linger and I search
And I walk , I met the youthman Pocket
And I try to search around them
And I sat down quietly, Watch the fishes circle around the little stones
I cup my ears and I heard the little birds whistling in the tree likee so
Live good among your neighbor like sister and brother and come with me a Riverside
All you need is pray to Jah, quietly
You see secret shall be revealed
Jah provides for the birds in the air and the fishes in the sea so what about me
Look at the crow they toil not neither do they spin
Yet father provide for them
Let uss walk and talk and pray quietly in search
Look at the color of those clothes, oh Jah
Make each and every one individually
Where is the love? Where is the togetherness too?
I can't take the war and I can't take the shooting
Neither the looting, just
I tried around Rema, even in The Jungle
To find a quiet rest
Round there in a Nannyville, my heart come to a trail
And I Knock, and I search, and I whisper and I preach
Where is the quietness and the love to be found in some corner?
Let us walk, let us search, let us examine and let us see

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