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Halfway - The Metallic Taste of Bad News (Official Music Video)

The Metallic Taste of Bad News by Halfway, from the 2018 Album 'Rain Lover'
Get the track here:

Recorded by Yanto Browning at QUT Studios Brisbane QLD.
Mixed by Mark Nevers at The Beech House, Pawleys Island SC.
Mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering, Milwaukee WI.


HALFWAY means everything to John Busby, Chris Dale, Ben Johnson, Elwin Hawtin, Noel Fitzpatrick, Liam Fitzpatrick, Luke Peacock and John Willsteed, and you can absolutely hear it delivered in their brand new track “The Old House” off their 6th album, titled Rain Lover. The song poses a beautiful discovery of progressive alternative rock, matched with distant memories.

Busby explains the inspiration behind “The Old House”, "A couple of years ago on a trip home to Rockhampton, I drove past my grandparents old house which had become run down and left to ruin. It looked like was about to fall down and it was really disappointing to see it that way. It was just a very average fibrolite home on the north side of Rockhampton but when my grandparents lived there it was well maintained and looked after. I played a lot of backyard cricket there as a kid. It was where my family spent Christmas day and we used to spend the holidays with my cousins. It was a place of safety and fun and over the years it has been in my dreams a lot. I tried to work out what was real in my memory and what had just changed with time. The song is about memory and time and how a home can be made just by a coat of paint. Once the people were gone and the paint was gone, the house wasn’t special anymore. It was just a dump on the north side of town. Strangely, I went back to Rockhampton shortly after I had written the song and drove past again, to find the house had been completely extended and renovated. It is a mansion now. Someone else must have loved the house as well."

“The Old House” is a beautiful selection from their 6th debut album Rain Lover which is a send-off written by John Busby for his father, (John Busby Snr) An ex Jockey who passed away from throat cancer in 2016. The album is a story of big dreams, conflict, addiction and disappointment with the narrative using central characters which are real people from Rockhampton in the 60’s, 70s, 80s. Rain Lover was co-produced by Nashville art rock recording legend Mark Nevers.

HALFWAY have previously recorded with renowned producers Robert Forster (The Go-Betweens), Peter Jesperson (The Replacements) and Mark Nevers (Lambchop/Bonnie Prince Billy). Which comes to no surprise that previous albums ‘Any Old Love’ (2014) and ‘The Golden Halfway Record’ (2016) both received 5 star reviews in national press, an AIR award for Country album of the year (2015) and received a nomination for an APRA award and won three QMA awards including Song of the year in 2015 for the song Dulcify from the album ‘Any Old Love’.

Halfway describe themselves: “The band is like a face, showing all the stuff that the years have piled on. One day you’re just a kid, screaming around in the summer dark, and then you do what you do, roads less travelled or waking up in the ditch, but keeping on. Then every now and then, in the midst of it all, you look in the mirror and it’s all there.
These albums are like those mirror moments.”

“Best Queensland band of all time” - ABC Radio Brisbane

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