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Orange Fur Coat Octave Fuzz

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Welcome back to ProGuitarShop and This time, we’re trying on the Fur Coat from Orange Amps. The Fur Coat is a jack-of-all-trades analog fuzz that combines a burly, saturated fuzz tone with a piercing octave up for two distinct options under one hood. The core of the Fur Coat is the combination of two different vintage and modern classic circuits ( Tone Machine and Experience), giving the best of both worlds. By giving you a footswitch to toggle the upper octave function on and off, the Fur Coat delivers a two-channel fuzz with several noticeable improvements over both its origins. With the Octave switch off, the sound of the Fur Coat is a thick, warm fuzz tone that tears through any combination of pedals and amp, imposing its will onto anything in its path. Stomping the Octave footswitch introduces a pronounced upper-octave fuzz that has been redesigned to engage immediately, rather than produce a gradual swell effect like many other octave fuzzes. The octave function is where the Fur Coat kicks the fuzz into high-gear, giving you a brash yet tamable fuzz tone that will pulverize your amp with a torrent of harmonic content. Like any octave fuzz worth its salt, the Octave mode is largely controllable with your guitar’s knobs, letting you tailor the octave’s timbre, intensity and tracking ability using different pickup settings. Best of all, you can control just how much octave you want mixed into the signal with a handy blend control, for just a touch of extra snarl when you want it. The Fur Coat is designed to work with your amp in any state, from super-clean to cranked and dirty, providing two distinct tones when run into either and maximizing the versatility.

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