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4 Post Workout Meal options to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle.

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Post workout meal is definitely the most important meals of the day. No matter how much time you spend working out but until your body gets the required nutrition specially post workout, it will not show the desired results.

A post workout meal has to be taken as soon as the workout is over i.e. within 30 minutes or a maximum of 60 minutes.

However, the question lies what should we eat after a workout?

The most important macro nutrient required post workout is Protein. The muscle fibers which were broken while working out needs protein to get repaired and rebuild.

Then the body also requires carbohydrates, preferably fast digesting carbohydrates, to replenish the muscle glycogen.


Moreover, the protein should come from a fast digesting source. Chicken breast, fish and other meat sources are not ideal form of protein post workout.

Taking into consideration the complexity and importance of post workout meal, I share with you 4 post workout meal options to recover the muscle fast.

1. Whey Protein Isolate in Water. Have banana along.

Whey Protein isolate in water, and not milk because milk has fat which will slow down the absorption, is by far the best thing one can consume post workout. Whey Protein is a fast digesting protein which takes hardly 15-20 minutes to get digested. It is ideal for vegetarians as well as it gets derived from milk. Moreover, it is totally safe and natural. Make sure to buy a whey protein isolate from an authorized dealer.
One can have 1-2 scoops of whey protein, depending on the muscle maturity, in water for best recovery. Have a banana along to replenish the muscle glycogen.

2. Hard boiled egg whites along with a fruit.

Second best option after whey protein is egg whites. Egg whites are medium digesting protein source. They take 45-50 minutes to get digested. One can have 6-10 boiled egg whites again depending upon one's muscle maturity.
Have your choice of fruit along. Eg. Black grapes, banana, apple etc. I prefer 4-5 dates.

Problem eating egg whites? Checkout my 3 hacks to easily eat egg whites.

3. Vegetable Egg Bhurji

If you do not like the combination of boiled egg whites with fruits you can instead have a vegetable egg white bhurji. Just throw in some vegetables like carrots, spinach etc to get carbohydrates. Remember no yolks post workout. We need no fat.

4. Spinach grape juice.

This however, is not a great post workout option but it is best for vegans. Just take a lot of spinach, 2-3 bowls, and some black grapes, as they are high in anti oxidants, and blend them together.
Have 2-3 glasses of this juice post workout to get enough protein and carbohydrates.

Now after 1-2 hours of taking this meal one should have another meal which is also equally important.

This meal has to be high in protein, balanced with complex carbohydrates, healthy...

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