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How You WON'T Be Getting a YouTube Verification Badge!

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YouTube had just changed the design and rules on how to get a verification badge... and a lot of creators just lost theirs!

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It literally was a badge of honour: YouTube Verification. No, not the one that unlocks custom thumbnails, the little icon you got next to your channel once you hit 100k subscribers. Well, YouTube announced today that they are making big changes to the design of the verification badge and, more important, who is eligible and it looks like YouTube have tightened up those rules BIG TIME!

0:00 Intro
0:53 What the YouTube verification badge looks like now
1:28 What does the new YouTube Verification Badge look like
1:50 Why YouTube are changing the Verification Badge
2:45 Why many channels are losing the Verification Badge
2:58 YouTube's New Verification Eligibility
5:38 YouTube Verification Email
5:55 Which channels have lost the Verification Badge
6:44 How to appeal the removal of the Verification Badge

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