SIMPLE MARSHMALLOW FONDANT RECIPE (Quick, Easy, Cheap & Yummy Homemade Fondant With Marshmallows) - vTomb

SIMPLE MARSHMALLOW FONDANT RECIPE (Quick, Easy, Cheap & Yummy Homemade Fondant With Marshmallows)

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Simple marshmallow fondant recipe that you can quickly make at home (easy & affordable!)


✍️What is your BIGGEST challenge when it comes to making or working with fondant? Share in the comments below...

"How To Make Fondant With Marshmallows - Cake Fondant Recipe - Marshmallow Fondant Cake Decorating" by Amanda van der Gulik not only shows you how to make fondant cake icing that is quick, easy, incredibly affordable and super duper yummy but how to use marshmallow fondant cake decorating! Much yummier than store bought fondant and gumpaste! Fondant Marshmallow ... YUM!

Make your own homemade marshmallow fondant in just a few minutes! WAY better than store-bought fondant!

There are tons of marshmallow fondant recipes but this is by far the best marshmallow fondant recipe!

It took me forever to find just the right recipe for fondant, homemade fondant marshmallow to use on homemade fondant cake! Homemade fondant is way more affordable too! But how to make homemade fondant? Easy peasy, just watch my homemade fondant recipe video to see how super duper easy my homemade fondant marshmallow recipe really is! You'll never ask yourself again, "how to make homemade fondant with marshmallows?"

Take your cake decorating to the next level by decorating each cake with this yummy recipe for homemade fondant icing that you can make in a pinch. It's super easy and quick to make and really easy to work with. (Although you may be tempted to do A LOT of 'taste-testing'...YES! This fondant icing is THAT GOOD!)

In her book, "Amanda's Fun Cake Decorating Ideas" Amanda shares her family secret cake and icing recipes that have her family and friends always coming to her first to get their cakes made. She covers everything from how to make a cake, how to make her marshmallow fondant recipe, how to make other icing fondant recipes too, like her delectable mocha butter icing recpe! Amanda loves to empower others with how to decorate cakes using fun and easy techniques that are light on your budget and yummy on your tummy.

In her book, Amanda also shares her fun cake decorating ideas from making portrait cakes, animal cakes, holiday cakes to making yummy icing recipes to compliment her famous sponge cake. She all her cake decorating and fondant icing quick tips, tricks and hacks.

Amanda not only helps you decorate amazing and easy cakes using all kinds of icings, including her delicious marshmallow fondant icing, but she also teaches you how to build passive income from cake decorating! Bake and decorate your marshmallow fondant cake once and get paid for it over and over again.

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