The Jones Family - Chains Of Love [Jen Jillus] 1974 Modern Soul 45

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The Jones Family - Chains Of Love
Jen Jillus # JJ-700. Released in 1974.
Killer modern soul 45 from the family group! Amazing choone one of my favorite finds in 2012 and i've compiled it in my annual mix. Back in the days it was pretty rare as i remember. Both sides of this single are great! Vinyl rip from musicdawn record collection.

Hear funky soul flip-side "The Jones Family - You've Gotta Feel It Baby":

"Jones Family - Chains Of Love" Song lyrics excerpt:
Why did you do this to me?
C'mon set me free... yeah
From the chains of love that bound me
From the cruelty in your heart
Save me from the chains of love that bound me
We were through from the start
And after all we've been through
I'm still in love with you...

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