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How to Start an Event Planning Company from Home

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How can you start an event planning business from the comfort of your own home?

This video is brought to you by EventMB, the number 1 resource for event professionals.

What are the realities of working from home and what do you need to consider before setting up an event management company?

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Hey, this is Samantha from EventMB and today we are going to talk about starting an event management company from home.

Many event planners start out working from home. This can be a great model for setting up an event planning business as it keeps overheads down.

What are the realities of working from a home base and what do you need to consider? Here are 5 key things to think about.

1. Low Costs
An Event Planner can work from almost anywhere with a laptop, WiFi and a mobile phone. Your personality and event management skills are most important.

Working from home is the easiest choice as instead of paying expensive office rent you can focus on building your business and you can invest money into more important things - like marketing your new company.

For some of you this may be a short term solution until they are confident to afford an office space. There are loads of eventprofs that choose to always be based from home.

Depending where you are there can be perks to working at home – for example reduced business rates, tax relief and offsetting some of your household running expenditure through the business.

2. No Work Commute
Commuting to work every day can be time consuming and boring. By working from home you are not only potentially saving on your monthly travel spend but you are probably saving money on coffee, lunch, and other high street temptations.

Most importantly though you bec...

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