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[Back and Forth] Tomb Raider IV (blind/commentary)

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Section: "Cairo"

21: "City Of The Dead"
Werner Von Croy has abducted Jean-Yves and offers Lara a trade: Werner will spare Lara's friend's life if Lara is willing to give Werner the Armour of Horus. Lara has followed Werner and his henchmen to Cairo and she is determined to save her friend.

22: "Chambers Of Tulun"
Lara continues her quest to save her friend Jean-Yves from Werner Von Croy.

23: "Citadel Gate"
On her quest to save Jean-Yves from Werner Von Croy, Lara meets Asisah. He tells her about the horrifying creature that's stopping Lara from reaching the Citadel, the Creature from the Past. Lara must find a way to defeat the creature in order to continue her rescue mission.

24: "Trenches"
Lara is travelling through the Trenches, and she is first looking for a Valve Pipe which she could use to create a Nitrous Oxide Feeder. She must also deal with explosive mines, all this while trying to rescue Jean-Yves.

Source: https://www.wikiraider.com/index.php/Tomb_Raider_IV:_The_Last_Revelation#Levels

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