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Nux & Capable || SACRIFICE [Mad Max: Fury Road]

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»… Tell me you, will hold me in the golden afterlife
Yeah, you
You don't have to die alone tonight …«

Watch in HD! [1080p]

Warning: Spoilers, Tears and Broken Heart.
So watch it on your own risk ^_~

I've tried to make a Nuxable video, but just made myself upset...
At first, the song I chose appeared to be unsuitable for them (all fault in my poor knowledge of English). Then this song came into my mind... I'm so bad at making slow, dramatic and romantic videos! I just can't make them! T_T Besides it's not that easy to make something like this with an action movie XD
But I wanted to make a Nuxable video so bad! They are my the most favorite couple right now, the biggest joy and pain of my poor shipper heart. Maybe next time, if I find another fast song that will inspire me, I'll make something better... It doesn't mean that I don't like this video XD No. I just don't like that it turned out to be so sad.

Yep, I still hope that you'll like the video XD
Sorry for my poor English and don't be too harsh on me, I've tried my best ^_~

SHOW/MOVIE: “Mad Max: Fury Road”

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