They Made Monsters - Stir Things (Don't Turn Off The Light Version)

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Alternative Christian/Messianic Music

NEW RELEASE: "Divine Interventions"

They Made Monsters - Scaringly Real Music!

Singer / Rapper / Producer from the UK.

" What makes ‘They Made Monsters so crucial, so pivotal in Pop music today, is that Steve Lock is able to introduce the mainstream audience to classic Brit-synthesized music, in an array of styles, better than just about anyone else around, on the indie circuit." (Jamsphere)

Check out all songs from They Made Monsters including tracks featuring Sharon O'Brien and get listening to some real music..! ;-o !

Copyright © They Made Monsters 2015. All Rights Reserved. No part of this video may be reproduced without They Made Monsters' express consent.

Special thanks to Nadia & Matthew at M&N Video Production.

NEW RELEASE: "Divine Interventions ***Official HD Music Video***"

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