﹝final﹞✶F A N T A S Y W A V E✶﹝vii﹞ (A LoFi Hip-Hop/Vaporwave Remix Of Final Fantasy 7)

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0:28 - The Prelude ¦ プレリュード
4:46 - Opening ¦ オープニング
6:09 - Tifa's Theme
8:52 - Flowers Blooming in the Church
10:49 - Infiltrating Shinra ¦ 神羅ビル潜入
11:44 - Costa del Sol ¦ Taiyō no Kaigan
12:56 - Trail of Blood ¦ 血の跡
14:14 - Holding My Thoughts in My Heart
16:22 - Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII
20:16 - On Our Way
23:12 - Anxious Heart ¦ 不安な心
25:28 - Mako Reactor ¦ 魔晄炉
27:50 - Those Chosen by the Planet
29:56 - Lifestream ¦ 生命の流れ
31:46 - The Great Warrior
33:45 - Listen to the Cries of the Planet
37:18 - Aerith's Theme ¦ エアリスのテーマ
39:44 - Chasing the Caped Man
42:52 - The North Cave
45:18 - Reunion ¦ リユニオン
47:53 - Who...Are You?
49:08 - From the Edge of Despair
51:20 - Launching a Dream Into Space
53:13 - One-Winged Angel ¦ 片翼の天使
55:07 - The Planet's Cries
57:39 - Ending Credits ¦ スタッフロール


One of my most ambitious projects yet, I set out to transform much of the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack into a vaporwave-esque lofi hip hop adventure.

Being such a massive game with such an expansive soundtrack, I did my best to keep as much of the overall narrative of the experience intact through both the visual and audio elements of this project, only using footage from the game that correlated directly with when each track is heard during an actual playthrough.

Because each track is simply a direct sample of the original PlayStation tracks, just with heavily degradation and addition of various elements (i.e. drums, bass, and a plethora of effects) this mixtape will always be available for free.

However, if you really do enjoy what I've done here, there is an option to pay what you like to show your appreciation and support future projects.


Stream All Tracks Individually:


Thanks for listening.


#FinalFantasyVII #Vaporwave #FantasyWave

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