TRON: Legacy - Main Theme (Piano Version)

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TRON: Legacy - Main Theme (Piano Version)
Piano Version by Patrik Pietschmann

Some of you have requested this soundtrack several times, now it's finally done. The "TRON: Legacy" soundtrack is Daft Punk's first film score. It was arranged and orchestrated by Joseph Trapanese.

This piano arrangement consists of three major parts: In the first part I used the arpeggios from the track "The Son of Flynn" as an intro. In the second part I took the main theme of the soundtrack which occurs in several tracks like "Overture", "The Grid" or "TRON Legacy (End Titles)". For the accompaniment I only worked with the original patterns to preserve the musical atmosphere. The third part has a completely different musical character and is based on the track "Adagio for Tron".

Any suggestions for future arrangements? Please leave them in the comments.

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