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At the end of the year journalists enjoy making lists and I thought it would be fun if musicians made them too. Listing the venues and stages that made the best concerts possible. Here are mine. It’s been a great year and I’m really grateful that we got to play in so many different places, that we sometimes sold out, or that we sold out our cd’s, that people grabbed each other’s hand during that one song, or that that small blond girl kept staring at us with big eyes from beneath a rack of vinyl.
So thanks to these venues and the people who run them so warmheartedly. What I keep searching for are those moments that something collective happens, that you lift of together with the audience, those moments that cannot be willed and cannot be controlled. They happened at these places. A rooftop in Rotterdam, a yurt in a field, a church, a campsite, a concerthall, a festival, a recordstore and a living room Thank you all for making it happen: Cafe de Amer, Roodehaan, Melkweg Amsterdam, Huis Verloren, Hoorn, Bunderkunst, Harold en Lanny, Op de toffel festival, Pop-up010, Velvet Amersfoort and Eindeloos Eiland Festival
#bestshowsof2018 .

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