Area 51 ("Fields of Verdun" Sabaton Parody) - Johnny Medlar

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A memetic parody of "Fields of Verdun" by Sabaton.

(This is a reupload. The original video had a spelling error.)


As the dawn broke on a September day, from hundreds of miles away
A million weebs assemble and airmen start to pray

And the storming lasted all day long, yet the base was standing strong
Heavily defended, now the trap has been sprung and the break-in’s begun

Now send in the furries
Beneath the Nevada desert sun

Area 51
And they can’t stop everyone
Naruto run
Kyles and Karens
See one by one
Them aliens

Thy memes be done
And the storming has begun
Naruto run
Kyles and Karens
Free one by one
Them aliens

Though a million incels have scarred the land, no one has the upper hand
From the ground above the trenches, where the airmen make their stand

As the trenches slowly fill with NEETs, and the base is overrun
Neko girls in every corner, as their minds fill with smut, and they’re desperate to nut

Thicc Alien girls; boy, don’t you want some of dat ass?
These are Uncle Sam’s, the airmen said, you shall not pass
The spirit of harambe guides the courage of the horde
Go ahead!
Face the fed!
If you die!
Do it for oppai!

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