Madball - Hardcore Lives

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Madball - Hardcore Lives
Madball - Hardcore Lives LP [2014] Track A2

1, 2, demonstrate

Young kids in disbelief
Old kids trying to find relief
All kids just trying to eat
Trying to survive, trying to be
Something more than the status quo
So what we're a little radical
A little off keel animals
Give them something, an antidote

Why am I going insane
I got an attitude and some brains
Hard times came our way
The warzone was Avenue A

All walks, all ways of life
We balked, put up a fight
Saw trouble some rolled the dice
Some fell but never gave in right
Who rose up from the depths
The generation they branded X
This generation now brands the next
And we're all still mentally vexed

Sick of your talk, sick of your lies
Sick of it all and ready to fight
We break down walls just to spite
Those that hate when we unite
Rise above, rise above
That we did, we rose above
Some just can't hate enough
We turned the hate into something that we love

1, 2, infiltrate

Who said we're a minor threat
This is religion without the debt
The keepers of the faith you left
There's still a war out here and inside my head

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