Astrid S - Paper Thin (Lyric Video)

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Astrid S – Paper Thin
First single from the forthcoming debut EP “Astrid S” (Release May 20th - 2016)

Lyric video created by Peter Spence, Putty Studios


Verse 1

My Heart feels like the sharpest razor blade
I really hope this wont give me away
Cause I ve been drowning here for days
like a water color about to fade
Every inch of me is there to trace
No secrets left here on my page
Underneath my skin I see a change
Blood races right up to my face


Bursting out no I can't take it
You really wore be down
Read my thoughts just like I'm naked
There's no hiding now
I'm PaperThin

Verse 2

You make me feel like a piece of art
Hanging on your wall just like my heart
Making shadows even in the dark
I'm see through but I won't fall apart

Middle 8

Slowly you ve been wearing me down
Pulling up my roots from the ground
The way I feels so obvious now
Cause I'm paper thin in love with you now

#AstridS #PaperThin #Vevo

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