How To Disappear Completely - Seraphim (2019) (Full Album)

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HTDC is a live collective based in Poland. The name of the project is based on Doug Richmond's book, originally released in 1985

Seraphim (2019)

1. Seraph I (00:00)
2. Seraph II (08:16)
3. Seraph III (24:32)
4. Seraph IV (32:21)
5. Seraph V (48:05)
6. Seraph VI (57:21)
7. Seraph VII (01:04:40)
8. Seraph VIII (01:18:33)
9. Seraph IX (01:25:32)
10. Seraph X (01:27:54)

Mer de Revs: Seraphim

"A dream will free us from our chains, mysterious and infinite, a sweet trembling runs through us − as if an echo sounded from the depths of our despair."

A study in deliberately soothing textures designed to give the listener space to find stillness and collapse into rest - late night lullabies.

How To Disappear Completely presents Seraphim - a coda to our experimental sleep music project, Mer de Revs series. To be honest with you, we’ve been considering and wanting to make this kind of record after recording Seraphim II on the first volume of Mer de Revs. Material for this album was composed and recorded over the last two years during MdR recording sessions. The end result is almost 2 hours of music that we hope you’ll enjoy as much as we did recording it. (HTDC)
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#HTDC #Seraphim

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