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The Basket is the first single from the forthcoming third Guillemots album 'Walk The River' due out on April 18th.

Here are some words from Fyfe about the video:

"This is a song called "The Basket" which is the first single from our new album "Walk the River". We all got very excited about a fuzzy riff our guitarist Magrao started playing one day and the song came out of that. I think in some way it's about a mania within, caused by something external, and the conflict over whether to embrace this thing or just ignore it and crawl away into familiar comforts. It's the most full-on, lively song on our record, and we wanted the video to throw you around as you watched it, to be full of colour and movement and a sense of constant unexpectedness. Tom Kingsley's treatment, set in an alien woodland, really had the sense of other-worldliness that we kept feeling while making the whole album. Tom is also a Jedi, and taught us how to propel ourselves through the air at high speed for the opening scenes, using just a pack of 9V batteries and a mental technique called "croaking". "

Official website:
Twitter -

Limited Free Download of Walk The River available at:

Watch the video for album track Walk The River here:

The third Guillemots album Walk The River is released on April 18th.


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