One hour of Perfect pitch programming to listen every night

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This perfect pitch programming presents you with all the 12 notes of the chromatic scale. There is not relation between the image and the sound but we are consistent: every note to every image. We eliminated all relation colour and note as it seems to be different from person to person. The tuning is standard but there could be variations in certain timbres and notes.
In many occasions we say the accidental first and then the note like "sharp C" as we want to make sure that we are not associating the sound of a C# with a C natural. For our conscious mind it's a very short time between note and accidental, for the unconscious, which we aspire to affect, that little gap might get the wrong information, at least for a very short time. By saying the accidental before the note at least 50% of the time we avoid this.
We cannot guarantee the development of Perfect Pitch but this will help:
-To those that have perfect pitch and don't know, to identify every sound with a conventional note name.
-To those who have not been "diagnosed" with perfect pitch, to explore the opportunity to develop it, in some cases permanently and in other cases temporarily.
-To develop the perfect pitch in children under 7 y.o. as we did with many of our young students in our Talent Development Programme in our academy.
To look at the images is optional, the main idea is to listen to this and to be able to associate sound and note name. Having said that, some of our adult students reported an improvement in the levels of concentration and in other cases relaxation when looking at the images while listening.

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