Manatee Commune - Contain You (feat. Maiah Manser)

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Download & Stream:
Official stream from Bastard Jazz Recordings.

Album: Thistle EP [EP]
Track: 5 of 6
Title: Contain You
Artist: Manatee Commune (feat. Maiah Manser)
Label: Bastard Jazz Recordings
Cat#: BJD25
Formats: Digital
Digital Release: 26th February 2016

About This Release:

Amidst the lush environs of his northwest roots, Manatee Commune has fermented an organically molded electronic sound that has been saturating festivals and teasing the synapses of audiophiles over the last few years, earning him the title of best electronic artist by the Seattle Weekly. With violin arrangements, nuanced programming and pressure-sensitive LED drum breaks peppering the audio-visual experience of his participatory live performances, Manatee aka Grant Eadie's tracks have grown tentacles that stretch deep into the dancefloor, fueled by natural overtones that he extracts from field recordings.

Led by the gorgeously clattering single "Clay" featuring Marina Price, his new Thistle EP represents a fresh beginning for the young producer and multi-instrumentalist. Reimagining his musical approach by opening his studio and microphone to friends, collaborators and loved ones, Eadie was able to release fountains of inventive energy from these deeply personal interactions, inspired by anybody who had a story, a melody or a stumbling beat to share. Simultaneously he re-invented his live show, refining the ingredients that keep his crowds dancing and hungry for more. The resulting Thistle EP amplifies the key elements that get Manatee Commune audiences bouncing, while cultivating his warm and textured production aesthetic to further complexity, layer by shimmering layer.
Out February 2016 on Bastard Jazz Recordings, the Thistle EP prefaces Manatee Commune's national tour as he navigates towards the release of his full length album with the label in early Summer.

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