Refused - Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent (Full Album) 1996

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01 - 00:00 Rather Be Dead
02 - 03:15 Coup D'etat
03 - 05:56 Hook Line And Sinker
04 - 08:41 Return To The Closet
05 - 12:30 Life Support Addiction
06 - 14:57 It's Not O.K
07 -16:00 Crusader Of Hopelessness
08 - 18:50 Worthless Is The Freedom Bought...
09 - 20:23 This Trust Will Kill Again
10 - 22:45 Beauty
11 - 25:16 Last Minute Pointer
12 - 28:11 The Slayer

"In 1996, Refused finally became Refused. Their second album, Songs To Fan The Flame Of Discontent featured their classic line-up, which just clicks. The production is tighter, the band is tighter, and what you hear is a band that hit its stride. The songs are way more rhythmic, they get a little experimental, and vocalist Dennis Lyxzén began developing his style of screaming that would soon become his main way of singing. The guitars chug out rhythms off of each other, the drums roll like thunder in the back, and the bass is thick. Their songs are much more distinct here, the lyrics a little more well-thought through, and their energy and anger honed. This is kind of like their transitional record, where they enter it a bunch of young hardcore/punk kids, and leave it experienced musicians developing what would become more and more known as "post-hardcore".

Band from Umeå, Sweden.

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