【UTAU Original Song】 Doll on the Shelf 【Bunny CV-C】

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Hoo boy 'bout time I wrote another original xD I think I almost made a real song this time XD Featuring Kowareta's conlang, Kowylen! (and also kowareta's subtitles thank you so much)

Subtitles by Kowareta
Everything else by Yin-P
Vocals by Bunny CV-C「mellow」

Vi tajon an vi aven fan, vi eri an harun longi mi
Harun longi mi, pri za di finne
An zen harun nekari mi reido'n za stak

I ene bomi, I spok u harun, far harun kenen hi mi
I e riry sohei, far e riry yuyoka?
Harun kenen hi mi

Nenry, nenryri, far she harun kenen hi mi. Relie
Onli jo aza hyuma, I neryri'yoka
A bomim on za stak.

Eviri harnen eri ulinen, woen harnen she eri mi?
Utem otmora, far I roru'yoka
Iri'i ened eryaya ulinen.


We laugh and we play, we love and they care for me
They care for me, until the day ends
And then they put me back on the shelf.

I am not a toy, I say to them, but they can't hear me
I am a real person, but am I really real?
They can't hear me

Pain, suffering, but still they can't hear me. I exist
Only for other people, so I am in pain
A doll on the shelf.

Even if their love is useless, will they still love me?
I'm trying my hardest, but I am broken
Unless I was always useless.

Off vocal/mp3: https://yinyang-pmusic.bandcamp.com/album/doll-on-the-shelf
UST: https://www.mediafire.com/file/id62ekdx9u2wxhc/Doll_on_the_Shelf_UST.zip/file

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