The Most Underrated Feature of Apple Products

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Today we’re going to talk about one of the most underrated and overlooked features of Apple products. And that is audio. Because ever since the iPods signature white earbuds, Apple has made some incredible contributions to the audio industry that tend to go unnoticed. And their audio engineering team is perhaps one of the least recognized in the company. So when it comes to apple’s audio history, I think it makes sense to begin back in 2001 with the earbuds included with every iPod. And despite most other music players featuring stealthy black headphones, apple decided to make their earbuds pure white. A design decision that would later pay off since it became a signature of the iPod and earned apple more brand visibility when their products were used in public. But there was one downside to these earbuds, and that was mediocre audio quality. So apple eventually began developing a more premium pair of earbuds that were released in 2005.

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