The Toggery Five - I`d Much Rather Be With The Boys

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The Toggery Five ( 1964 - 1966 ) featuring lead vocals by Paul Young ( later vocalist with Sad Cafe & Mike & The Mechanics ) and Frank Renshaw failed to chart with this, their second single composed by Andrew Oldham - Keith Richards - which had been considered `too poppy` for use by The Rolling Stones.
Their first single had been the Frank Renshaw penned I`m Gonna Jump which had been banned by the BBC due to it`s lyrical content.
This was their second single and for their third single they had recorded I`m Alive produced by Ron Richards the Hollies producer. The Hollies heard the Toggery Five recording and rushed into the studio to record their version of it, again with Ron Richards producing. Even through the Toggery Five had a release date for their single , The Hollies who were also on EMI got a release date 2 weeks before The Toggery Five and shortly after stopped the Toggery Five version from being released. The Hollies single hit #1 in the UK . The Toggery Five never really recovered from this disappointment - The Hollies offered Toggery Five `Going Away` - a song written for them by Graham Gouldman which Toggery Five recorded but it wasnt released. The Toggery Five disbanded soon after .
The Toggery Five`s original version of I`m Alive has never been released and remains in EMI`s vaults . It would be interesting to hear this.

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