"Forward" - Original Jazz Fusion Composition by insaneintherainmusic / Carlos Eiene

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For the first time in years, I produced an original song! "Forward" - an original jazz fusion composition by insaneintherainmusic (Carlos Eiene).

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It’s about time I wrote something of my own! A lot of people have been suggesting that I try my hand at writing an original composition for some time now, and this week turned out to be the optimal time to do so! I was recently at MAGFest (a huge video game music convention, AKA my favorite party of the year), and on my flight home, I ran into one of my Discord moderators Adkkid! He and I talked for a bit, and he mentioned something that got me inspired to write this original song!

I went through some pretty intense personal struggles in the last few months of 2018. Online creators are generally expected to keep a positive demeanor, and I think that’s generally a good thing, since it attracts people to view our stuff and makes people happy! However, none of us are happy 24/7, and I think it’s important to express that sometimes. For me, working on this song has been an interesting glimpse into my own mind! This song is about me going through that struggle with the help of a lot of fantastic friends I’ve made!

I’ll get into how this manifests musically now! This composition starts out with some repeated Bb in octaves in the piano. These Bb octaves represent the voices of friends who helped me along the way! Following this, the EWI takes the melody. I wanted to organize this tune in such a way that it was constantly switching between a focus on EWI and sax taking the melody. To me, the EWI bits represent the internal dialogue I have in my head, while the saxophone leads represent how I express myself to others. My mental process like overthinking, anxiety, and sometimes excessive rumination are all represented by the EWI parts. I wanted to contrast that with a boppin’ chorus led by the saxes. This section of the chart represents the moments that I can get past all sort of internal struggle and just have a good time with things I do in life! This section is supposed to be super groovy and catchy like dance music. I think music that has the power to make someone groove and get up out of their chair is really special! The second verse after the chorus is a slightly reharmonized version of the first verse. Following the second chorus, there’s a pretty wild breakdown section with a lot of weird chorus. These weird chords are meant to represent a mental breakdown of sorts. However, all these chords have a Bb present somewhere in them to represent the presence of friends who are there to help you out in all situations! The song then goes to super reverby / delayed sax, which is sort of like a last cry for help, but also represents the beginnings of overcoming a struggle. The song then finishes on a super happy and uplifting chorus followed by a nice fadeout!

Whoo, that’s a lot. There’s a lot of personal emotion that went into the form of this! I’m not one too be too sappy, but as someone whose primary source of income is creating things to share with people on the internet, mental health isn’t talked about enough. I think it was important for me to be a bit vulnerable and express this story in the best way I know how: through music.

♫ “Forward" composed by Carlos Eiene

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