Cassidy - Get No Better (VIDEO) ft. Mashonda

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Cassidy's official music video for 'Get No Better'. Click to listen to Cassidy on Spotify:

As featured on Split Personality Click to buy the track or album via iTunes:
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How you doing ma, dis ya song ma, yeah come on ma, dis ya song ma, we can get it on ma, dis ya song ma, dis ya song ma, dis ya song

How ya doing ma
Yeah come here, where you going ma,
What up you in a rush,
What's going on ma, you can keep going ma
But in dis cruel world you going need a man that's thurl to keep you warm ma,
You and me we can take the world by storm ma.
So let me have yo math then I'm going ma,
I'm having a after party later on ma, so you should cancel whatever you was doing ma.
We can get a telly and visit and get it on ma, you wit it, I hit it till six in the morn ma,
You ain't hear the song ma,
Yeah I'm a don ma so if you ridin' wit a player than come on ma.

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